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Sunny Day in May

What amazing weather we are having at the moment. It’s almost hard to believe. I remember last year it rained for the majority of the time and it’s refreshing to see the sun.

Although having the sun means more vitamin D, I find myself adopting vitamin supplements into my diet. Mainly because the weather is unreliable and it allows my body to repair itself faster than it would do without the help.

Let’s not forget our sunscreen. I always used to laugh when teachers in school would tell me to wear sunscreen because I would be like. I’m black I don’t need it. Now looking into it i have found that it’s equally important for darker skin due to the long term effects of sun damage such as wrinkles and premature aging.

Currently I use Garnier Amber Solaire SPF 50 😳. I know that’s too much, but I’m not taking any chances.

And ofcourse I’m drinking my water and minding my business hunnay.


I hope you are all having an amazing day.



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