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Mykonos – Luxury 3 Day weekender

My darling Mykonos, where have you been all of my life. When most people around me speak about a European holiday Greece is never top of the list. You always hear about Paris, Amsterdam, Italy etc but Greece I feel is seen as a more historic and monumental location. I know what your thinking, that should be a good reason to visit right? WRONG! The historical side of it appeals to an older demographic. For someone in their twenties we want what is called “Image Gang”. We want to party, have great dinners with amazing views, get on a boat, explore beaches and basically look for locations to take pictures. That is number one on the list. This shouldn’t surprise you though as we do live in a narcissistic society after all.
So myself and my friends picked Mykonos as it appeared to convey some of what we were looking for. This island looked so clean.
Airport Selfié

Now the trying to get to Mykonos was not easy. The flight had several delays, technical difficulties, our shuttle was no where to be seen, ah this holiday was not having a great start. We checked into our hotel Zephyros, showered and went straight to bed. After concurring these obstacles, breakfast time was the moment that myself and Nyasha (my friend who I travelled with) came to realise that we were finally in paradise.
The breakfast was amazeballs! I can distinctively remember the organic eggs. If we could carry a crate we would.

We tried to follow a guide that we read in a magazine as we were enroute to Mykonos. Titled “The Instagrammers guide to Mykonos”, the article highlighted some key places to go to and excursions.

We did the beach thing, dinner at Nobu, walking through the town, clubbing and a few other things.
Lunch & Dinners

Our meals were not complete with out a Greek salad and a bit of feta cheese. Everything we ate was fresh and tasted very scrumptious.

•(Top side to side) Nobu at Belvedere Hotel – Chicken Linguine, Glass Bottom Yacht BBQ – Chicken Kebabs, Salad & Bread, Kalau in Paraga Beach – Grilled Calamari, Glass Bottom Yacht BBQ Mini buffet, Aviaros on Paraga Beach – Greek Fish with Potatoes, Kalau on Paraga – Mussel Linguine, Greek Salad, Grilled Salmon, Aviaroa on Paraga Beach – Greek Salad•

Excursions and activities
Glass bottom Yacht
We booked a yacht Excursion by Glassbottom. This was basically a trip around the island which made a few stops to other beaches. We stopped on a deserted island which was surrounded with caves. We stopped and went swimming by the cave. I enjoyed it but Nyasha, who couldn’t swim, claimed she would follow me as I swam out. When I got to the cliff, I looked back. Nyasha was no where to be found. She was scared. Aww bless her soul. I ofcourse was busy taking pictures by the cliff in the water as she contemplated her deepest fear, jumping into the Sea. She screamed over to me, “I think I’m going to jump” I was like ” huh jump you can’t even swim”, one of the Israelites who joined us on the excursion had given her courage and told her that he would be there to guide her as she jumped. And you know what she jumped. See below.

We did some Jet Skiing by Paradise beach. That was fun. We also went clubbing at 2pm with cocktails Galore.

Us Jet skiing


I must say I really enjoyed myself and the company of Nyasha. The only thing missing was our friend Charity who couldn’t make it this time but so looking forward to the next one.

xoxo Harmz xoxo



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