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My Quarantine Awakening

One thing that I really miss on a Saturday is the luxury of pampering. All I want is to have a facial, get my nails done, thread my eyebrows, pedicure a massage for sure.

However this quarantine has just changed everything. My routine had changed drastically as it all became extremely repetitive and I had this sense of bondage.

If I was to dwell on the bondage, great Depression would fall upon me. I must admit I have had my own fair share of nightmares when the lockdown began. It didn’t help that I would watch every single apocalyptic film and series either. I was setting myself up to fail.

I made a decision to break the cycle. I’m having more relaxing Epsom salt baths, meditation time, walking at least 10,000 steps a day, appreciating my family more than I never had and focusing on the future me.

It’s all mind over matter. I now look at this lockdown as a great awakening. Dwelling on my life has allowed me to really think about purpose and achieving my personal goals.

It’s ok to work as a team and help others build their empire. I say this as a reference the working class.

However my dream is just as important and I will live in my purpose with no regrets because I have breath and I can. My existence is just as important as anyone else. 


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