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It’s you.

If you keep finding yourself in the same place emotionally. It’s you sis/bro. It’s nobody else but you.

We all have desires. The desire to be noticed, embraced and loved. Same can be said with materialistic items. In my experience. I’ve found that some of my past trauma’s have actually led me to make some of the most foolish decisions in my life.

You don’t even notice it. But the smallest lessons have the biggest effect on you. In 2020, within social media, I often see people trying to be numb. Acting like they do not have any feelings. Any sign of emotion such as crying or depression is labeled as weak. There is definitely an awakening to mental health. However I have observed at times that this is to project an “image” for their personal brand. We are not there yet but it’s good that we have started making a change. (This is a completely different topic on its own).

Listen if you bottle up your emotions long enough you will blow up. Blow up on the wrong people and opportunities. The power is not within appearing strong.  It’s the acknowledgement of what happened, your accountability in playing a role that led you there and the growth at the end of it.

I can only speak from my own personal experience. Every time I did not accept what happened. I would often meet it again in the future. It’s weird. It’s like this vicious cycle. I really do thank God for my intuition. It’s hard to explain if you have never felt it. If you have a funny feeling. Don’t ignore it. If you have a good feeling… pursue that thing or relationship. We all know what is intrinsically good for us. Most of the time we are in denial. Don’t get caught in the box. Wake up and make that change.

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