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I’ve been told I push my friends and don’t give myself the same energy. A harsh truth that I need. If you know me you know I get a thrill out of encouraging my friends to be the best version of themselves which includes taking control of their skill and making use of it. One of my friends over the weekend suggested I go back to posting some of my fashion content. It’s weird how I used to be so consistent years ago and it died down. Maybe because I wasn’t getting anywhere with it. Exactly what does that mean? Surely I did it because I enjoyed doing it so why would I suddenly stop. Sometimes we are get into a corner where we lose ourselves in being validated by what others deem successful and now try to attain this invisible level of success through other peoples lenses. A mouthful but one that I hope to break.

My trying and doing my best is enough. So what if they don’t like the post, so what if they don’t comment. It’s really not that deep. Doing the thing that makes me happy should be the only thing that matters. With that being said, check out my outfit 😊 more looks coming soon on my blog

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Top: Fashion Nova

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Bag: Ted Baker

Shoes: Simmi

Earrings: River Island

Location: Array Essex

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