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We all deserve to be celebrated. And when that moment comes that’s what friends are for. We do a lot for each other and some do more than others. Most relationships are never 50/50 but in reality we are all using one another. Not to sound harsh but we all seek something from next person. It could be friendships, social status, collaboration, love, financial gains and so much more.

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This is the reason why it’s very important to define your relationships. Not everyone is your friend. Understand that in an ideal world we will all want what’s best for each other but even that is subjective. My best isn’t your best and that’s where people clash. We all have different goals and aspirations the likelihood of having hundreds of close friends is very unlikely and unrealistic. Manage your expectations and set yourself some boundaries.

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So let’s define a few different types of social relationships :

The socialiser: You call them when you want to go out, they are a good time, you can only trust them to be on time and to pay their part of the bill. (You don’t want a broke socialiser my dear they will drag you with their bad habits and embarrass you with no remorse. 🤣 you will call them the next day and they will literally ghost you and act like they didn’t eat your money after promising to pay you back).

The mentor : They are usually older, financially their level is above you, the one who’s past is aligned with what you are going through now and will not let you go through that alone. Almost parent like but brutally honest. They want the best for you usually financially with no strings attached. They will level you up to be that boss you have always wanted to be. They won’t give you money, but they will give you the tools to make and grow your bag.

The fillers: These are the ones that are close to the ones you are closest to. DO NOT TELL THEM YOUR SECRETS! Their loyalty is to your close friend and not you. Drill that into your head. I’ve seen that people love to demand loyalty from this type of person and it doesn’t even make sense.

The Rider: You will never have to question their loyalty. They are real. They have your best interests at heart. You can call them when you are going through it. Be vulnerable with them and their will be no judgment. Your gut usually has a warm feeling towards them. This is your friend.

All in all, I always suggest you trust your gut, define your relationships and don’t take anything personally. We are all going somewhere and some people might not be aligned with your path and that’s ok.

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