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Array Essex

I always see people posting about the restaurant Array Essex on Instagram and Tik Tok and wondered what it would be like. I absolutely love Japanese food and having it in Essex would be something new. Usually Japanese food is reserved for central London so the expectation was high.

Array Essex Interior

The ambience was lovely as they had a man singing on a Sunday, which was a vibe that I could run with. You can tell that they truly value the space with regards to cleanliness and decor.


This place is definitely Instagramable. The cocktail I had was so refreshing. I loved the candy floss in the cocktail which was something different. I love how part of the design and restaurant experience was thought

Cheesy Truffle Chips

And I give the restaurant an 8 out of 10

Fillet of Seabass with Mango and avocado salsa
Yuzu Miso Glazed black cod
Mini Tik Tok review
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