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Afternoon Tea.. at Dandelyan on the day of the BAFTA Awards


As a child I loved playing with my tea set. I loved pretending I was my grandma pouring tea for our guests (the Barbie, Ken and the teddies). I spent part of my childhood in Zambia and i loved it. Everyday was something new but the thing that I looked forward to was 16:00hrs. That was tea time. Even though i only ate porridge at that time, i loved seeing my Grandma fussing about how many people were joining us, if we had enough sandwiches. She would often call me or my cousin to go and get the biscuits from her room. Biscuits which she knew we would have finished if they were out in the open.

I’m not entirely sure what it is about tea that is so calming. I automatically feel better after a cup. So last week it was my aunties birthday and I wanted to treat her, my mum and her friend to some afternoon tea. I was excited as I knew we would all enjoy it. I booked Dandelyan on the southbank which is in the hotel ‘Mondrain London’. I Spent my birthday there (I promise to blog about that epic day) and loved how the staff treated myself and my guests so I wanted to explore that particular bar.

Let me say this. Dandelyan at Mondrain London is the place to be. I mean its just so modern and the view of london is fabulous on a sunny day like it was on the Sunday we went. We arrived on time 3pm. The table was laid out for us as soon as we got there. We sat down and was greeted by out waiter who talked us through the menu. We all chose the Boozeless option with Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea as our options. I am quite a fussy person so I don’t consume a lot of dairy, I’m trying to cut down on sugar ‘blah blah’. I’ll spare you the sentimental lol. My mum had her requests too i guess thats where I get it from.

As we were having our sandwiches we noticed a lot of people dressed in suits and ball gowns. I was thinking huh thats not what it was like when I came here the last time. I wonder whats going on. So people started to come in and they appeared familiar but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then my mum being the investigater she is went onto the internet only to find that the Bafta’s were on that night. This changed everything. My aunty who claimed to be unwell earlier now woke up ha. She now began to realise that we were in a room full of celebrities. Among the people there was John Middleton (Emmerdale), Judith Light and so many I just can’t remember there names off the top of my head. The funny thing is I hardly watch TV but i recognised a few. We could tell they didn’t want to be bothered so we blended in #swerve.

The food was lovely and the dessert was even more scrumptious.. so rich and full of flavour. I could kiss the chef. Our 2 hrs was nearly over so we paid and made our way out. Paparazzi was out there and the celebs were getting into there cars. I enjoyed the day. It helped me bond with my family and made my heart feel warm.


The Outfit

I wore a light blue ruffled skirt, with a white top, white pointed heels and a snake skin cross body bag,

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