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Mondé Zama

Lifestyle Blogger and Managing Director of Zasik Global Enterprises LTD.

Dear all,

I created this blog after a project I was set to do in University. I wanted an outlet for my opinions and observations, thus Harmz-Harmy was born. The name is formed from my other name Harmony and I have always liked the idea of having the influence to shape a more positive future. The saying goes ” If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go with people”, and that would be the Army.

Professionally I have worked as a PR Assistant, Account Executive and Design Consultant. All of which have been communication and based around people. In previous years I pursued a music career performing at places like the Indigo O2, attempted starting a magazine company when I was 15, dabbled into hair and make up artistry (Featured published in Tooth Magazine, Glamour magazine from my work at Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week). In addition to this I have also been invited to BBC London Radio to discuss a range of topics. I have a lot of experience in this short life that I have lived and it is a testament to the fact that I am not fail. I am a go getter and will stop at nothing until I explore what my heart desires. I choose to live in the present.

You will find that my Blog covers the following topics: Style, Well being, Self Improvement, Travel, Book Review. These are the things I am currently interested in which reflect my lifestyle at present.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I do putting it together and if you would like to work with me contact me on

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