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25th on the 17th – Birthday Tragedy Meltdown

(It’s been a long time coming)

So I turned 25 this year. Now I don’t normally celebrate my birthday. This is because for some reason, in the passed 7 years a series of unfortunate events take place and I don’t get to celebrate or just don’t feel like it. This time I was going to celebrate by Fire by Force! Oh yer!!
I’m a control freak, I like to know when things are happening, how and why! I wanted to do something I would enjoy and also something that would make up for all the birthdays that I couldn’t celebrate.

I decided on having 3 events in one day. “Whoever comes, comes!” I said to myself

I booked a hotel room for myself and the girls at Mondrain, planned a spa trip at Agua, Dinner at Sea Containers and clubbing it up in Monte Zuma.
I sent out the invitations. Many replied but I knew some would decline. As I awaited people’s RSVP’a I looked for my dress. I saw a dress I liked on House of CB but you can never be sure so I went into the store in Stratford Westfield. I liked the dress it was banging 😍😍 I bought it along with a green faux fur coat (I love Faux Fur..)! The only issue I had with the dress was the cleavage. Oh my the boobage was crazy. I thought I could get away with taping my boobs but nah they would spill out. I wouldn’t want a fashion meltdown at my birthday no way! I bought a bra to go with it in Debenhams.
A lot went down that month leading to the 17th of Feb.

1. The Hair that never came
I had some seriously fabulous hair that I ordered online. It was ombré blonde and I ordered it 2weeks before my birthday dates. Oh my gosh I have never felt so anxious! The seller kept giving my stories upon stories in the end I cancelled the transaction but it would take up to 21days to get my money back 😩!
I then ordered a closure from Amazon. That actually came. But I then lost it somehow. I blamed these misfortunes on the devil! I ended up wearing some hair I had from before which still looked good #swerve.

2. Don’t lend money out if you need it 
I lent some money to someone and they didn’t give it back. Oh my God I felt so heart broken. Not only was I banking on using it I was making losses left right and Center! Why me?

3. The Allergic Reaction
Because of all of the small issues that I was having on the days leading up to my birthday. I felt like I wasn’t supposed to celebrate it. It was almost like a curse. I then began to have one of the worst reactions on my face and chest ever. It began as a rash and then it developed into acne. Oh lord help me. I used everything under the sun to try to get rid of it but it wouldn’t go away. Hmm. Should I still celebrate???
The day came, Friday 17th February 2017. I went over to the salon to get my cornrows, got my Hollywood wax, eyebrows done and nails did!!

I took a cab to Mondrain where I was ready to relax. We put our clothes into the room and then made our way to the Spa. The spa was amazing. I was given a facial and full body massage. I felt rejuvenated. Then the ladies gave me my birthday cake and champagne oh my it was lush I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed having my girls there with me.

] ] ]

We then went to the room where the make-up artist @missasuni came to beat my face to tha gwads. My make up was amazing thanks Abi ❤.

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

I got dressed and went to have dinner. My friends were downstairs waiting on me. All the anxiety went away.

] ] ]

Our dinner was full of many courses from the menu we picked.

The Cake was from @cakesbydayja (Instagram).

] ] ]

] ] ]

] ] ]

They sung me happy Birthday but we didn’t cut the cake. Meh…the cake was for image anyway lol. £150 worth but no one ate it yikes.
The bill came to £1039.50. And my friends didn’t want me to pay. I love them too much.

We then went to Monte Zuma to Turn up and that ended the night well. All in all I enjoyed myself and can’t complain.

] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

Dinner £1000

Clubbing £500

Hotel £300

Spa £300

Dress £120

Coat £80

Having a good time with friends Priceless.xx

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