My Quarantine Awakening

One thing that I really miss on a Saturday is the luxury of pampering. All I want is to have a facial, get my nails done, thread my eyebrows, pedicure a massage for sure.

However this quarantine has just changed everything. My routine had changed drastically as it all became extremely repetitive and I had this sense of bondage.

If I was to dwell on the bondage, great Depression would fall upon me. I must admit I have had my own fair share of nightmares when the lockdown began. It didn’t help that I would watch every single apocalyptic film and series either. I was setting myself up to fail.

I made a decision to break the cycle. I’m having more relaxing Epsom salt baths, meditation time, walking at least 10,000 steps a day, appreciating my family more than I never had and focusing on the future me.

It’s all mind over matter. I now look at this lockdown as a great awakening. Dwelling on my life has allowed me to really think about purpose and achieving my personal goals.

It’s ok to work as a team and help others build their empire. I say this as a reference the working class.

However my dream is just as important and I will live in my purpose with no regrets because I have breath and I can. My existence is just as important as anyone else. 



13 thoughts on “My Quarantine Awakening

  1. I’ve missed spending the time pampering myself too over quarantine but like yourself I’ve now learnt that having this time to slow down is actually a blessing! We won’t get this time again so I’m now fully embracing it! Great post x


    1. I could have written this myself! It’s crazy how this time has turned into a time of awakening, self-love, and self-care for so many of us. It’s a good balance to the anxiety producing nature of it all. Great post!


  2. Although it is a tough time for the world, I do agree and think it is important to reflect on the lessons we have learned and the opportunities we gained during these times!


  3. Although it is a hard time for many, it is important to self-reflect on what this time has meant for us. We definitely have learned a lot about ourselves in this time.


  4. You and me both on the walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Agree self care and living purposefully is so essential right now:)


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