My Maryland Holiday

I went on holiday to Baltimore, Maryland and I had a blast. I enjoyed dressing up each day and of course I have made sure to put the pictures and video’s in this post.

I of course had my matching suitcases. I got these about 2 years ago just because and I am finally using them for a holiday. Although they are small, I must say I made the most of the space that was there. I had been adding several things in the cases throughout the week and had time to do any last minute adjustments. Luckily most of my clothes are light in weight so I was able to fit a lot in. I was only allowed one checked in luggage, a carry on and a handbag. Its so different to when I’m travelling to Africa. Lol I swear, its like I carry my whole wardrobe when I go back home. I’m sure your looking at this picture like hmm she really loves her animal print. GUILTY!!! I don’t even notice that I own a lot of animal printed items. But you’ve got to admit, it looks cute. x

Holiday trip.001

For my Airport outfit I wanted to be free to move about. So I wore stretchy and lose clothing. My feet swell up whilst flying, I don’t know why, so I try to not wear uncomfortable shoes. Wearing mid-heels did cross my mind but after my first flight was delayed, which meant that I was late for my connecting  flight, which I ran to… phew I’m getting tried just thinking about it. Lets just say I won’t be wearing mid-heels for international flights. I try to always wear long-sleeved cotton tops just because the temperature varies.  Whilst in the air it is cold but within the lobby’s its pretty warm and if you run, well you are going to feel a tad bit hot. Well I do anyway. One of the air-hostesses complimented me on my outfit saying how she loved that I made an effort. Well sweetie you never know who your going to meet so i try to look good always.

Holiday trip.002

I am not the sneaker person at all, but I am truly gurly. I was gifted these Adidas trainers by my auntie on my birthday this year. I love the metallic rose gold detail. I thought to wear it with a leather skirt and floral top. I can’t remember where I got the top from sorry xx.

Holiday trip.003

I just love how this looks. I look like I’m going to do a street/fitness shoot. I love this look as I made it my own. From the round oversized glasses to the jacket over the shirt. I just loved the way it looked and I felt good in it. In the other picture you can see me dabbing lol ey…

Holiday trip.005Holiday trip.004

I love a classy casual look. I kept it simple. With the Casual Sexy look I just added some heels to add that sexiness. Holiday trip.006 Holiday trip.007

Here are a couple of my going out outfits. The cape is just too handy. It really brings the outfit together.

Holiday trip.008 Holiday trip.009

I went during Spring Break, so I had to spend my easter in church. I love suits of any kind. Makes me feel official. But being me ofcourse means your suit is peach. lol

Holiday trip.010

My second Airport outfit is similar to the first. I just wore flats instead of sandals this time.

Holiday trip.011

Check out the video blog from my trip. xxx

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