So I have been  working for a Fashion PR company. One if the things I struggled with was what to wear. Now this was not Instagram fashion, I was entering into a world where people judge you based upon your wardrobe. You are literally a walking C.V. So here are a few tips and essentials that I would have really valued had I been told prior to beginning this experience.


  1. Layering
  2. Footwear
  3. Hair Care
  4. Make up
  5. Eyewear




I started at the beginning of the year when it was supposed to be cold but I could never tell as we had some typical English weather this year. So some days it was dry, and some days it was wet other times the sun decided to show up. This made me realise that mother nature is truly a female as she just couldn’t decide what weather to put on each morning. I prefer layering as I feel it keeps you warmer and if it gets too hot taking off a few layers won’t do any harm… Plus if you do it correctly with lighter materials these won’t be too heavy in you bag if you decide to take some off . These are my must haves when layering.

  1. TURTLE NECK . Long sleeved top:  I say get yourself the two colours that go with anything. These are colours like Black, White, Burgundy, Navy. Turtle neck longsleeved jumper: Now I suggest getting a heavier material but not too heavy as you will most probably put this over a vest top.
  2. VEST TOP. I remember my Grandma always trying to force me to wear vests and I hated it. To be honest vest’s are great for layering.
  3. SLEEVELESS. I think having either a long Gilet or a tailored sleeveless jacket. This goes with anything long sleeved or short. You can also rock this style in the summer too.
  4. HIGH WAISTED JEANS. I recommend this especially if your curvy or need to tuck in that belly like me lol. High waisted jeans have been my knight and shining glory. I recommend Levi’s or the Joni Jeans from Topshop as they are stretchy.
  5. CHIFFON SCARF : I could not believe how much a a silk or chiffon scarf can make an outfit go from 0-100 real quick. It just adds a little bit of Sas and chic.




  1. BLOCK HEEL: Sometimes you don’t know if your going to be on your feet all day so wearing comfortable shoes is essential. You don’t want to feel as though you are walking on volcanic rocks by lunchtime so my suggestion is wear a block heel. These can give any woman the confidence they deserve and believe me when I say that a little height will have you feeling fierce ‘hunt’.
  2. KNEE HIGH BOOT: I think a nice knee high boot is nice with jeans, a dress, a skirt. It just adds length and makes your legs look elongated.
  3. FLAT ANKLE BOOT: I absolutely love the chelsea boot. No one can take them from me at all. I love love love. They just go with anything and they are very comfortable. I always liked the ones with the gold lining on the heel but I haven’t been able to find those in such a long time.



My tip is to have your hair out of your face on the first day. You don’t know what your day ahead is like so just try to either have your hair up or just away from your face. You may be in a situation where you have to go out and meet with clients or you may have to run errands. The weather is so unpredictable. I hate when my hair is just drop dead gorgeous and the wind just comes over to ruin my Picasso. The thing about working in London is that it is quicker to get around in public transport so just carry a hairband in your bag and a few clips just in case.

Make -Up 

I like to have a clean look. This basically just means I dint add eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. I just make sure my eyebrows are fleeky, apply a little bit of foundation, add powder so that it sets and I do sometimes put on my eyelashes. These are just strips, but sometimes I go to get the Semi-Permanent lashes which last me about two weeks as I really like my eyes to be clean.



I wear prescribed clear contact lenses, but at times I wear my glasses. I try to always have some contact lenses solution on me just incase my contacts pop out of my eyes when it windy or for any emergency. Most of the time they just stay put in my eyes. I also carry some sunglasses. Just because. Don’t ask me why. lol I’m just a diva like that.

The most important thing is to be comfortable. No body can tell you what to wear and what makes you unique so express yourself through clothing and experiment a little.

Heres also a video that I did talking about this topic:

I hope you can take something from this.I am not a professional but this is my opinion. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions or if you have any inquires.


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